Broadcas PCM Tech Talk Live 11 Master Your Profession and One Hour Q and Ating LIVE Monday – Thursday at 9:00 PM EST.
00:01:00 – Mastering Your Profession
00:10:45 – The Importance Of Joining A Mastermind Group Such As +Chris Pirillo’s +Gnomies
00:13:45 – Community Content Breakdown
00:15:15 – How To Reset A Windows NT, XP, Vista or 7 Password
00:18:00 – Do You Make Money From Your Website? If so, How?
00:21:00 – Did I Design My Own Website?
00:22:15 – Should I Worry About The Java Malware Scare?
00:25:30 – How To Run MS-DOS In Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8
00:28:25 – How To Troubleshoot A Constant High CPU Usage
00:29:45 – Troubleshooting Error Code 00000016 On A Hard Drive
00:32:15 – Virtual Machine “No Boot Media Found” Error Code
00:33:30 – What Tech College Should You Go To?
00:37:20 – Should You Pirate Software For A Computer Repair Business?
00:39:55 – Should You Enable Write Caching On An External Hard Drive?
00:41:45 – Why Is It Harder To Jailbreak An Android Phone Than iPhone?
00:42:50 – Who Is Your Favorite Web Host?
00:45:00 – What Is Your Favorite Command Prompt Command?
00:46:00 – The Best Software For Doing Written Computer Tutorials
00:47:00 – What Degree Did You Get?
00:48:15 – What Computer Viruses Have You Gotten Over The Years?
00:49:00 – Why Isn’t Java Working On Google Chrome Using My Mac?
00:50:30 – What Language Is Windows Programmed In?
00:51:15 – How Do I Fix Windows Lockup And Freezing Issues?
00:53:15 – Hard Drives (HDD) vs Solid State Drives (SSDs)
00:55:30 – Where Can I Learn To Build WordPress Websites?
00:57:00 – Question Roundup!

Craig Chamberlin

Applications Engineer at Precision Electric, Inc.
Craig received his degree in Informatics with a cognate in Business from Indiana University: South Bend in 2008. Craig lives with his wife and daughter in South Bend, Indiana near Notre Dame. Craig is currently employed by Precision Electric, Inc. and acts as the chief Information Technology Manager. With a passion for teaching and technology, he founded The PCMichiana Tech Help Show in Fall 2009. His focus is teaching users of all backgrounds how to learn technology while having fun.
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