PCM Tech Talk Live 8 Picking An Operating System And More

PCM Tech Talk Live 8 Picking An Operating System And More

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00:01:00 – Why Google Plus Is A Great Place For A Community
00:01:00 – How To Join The PCM Tech Help Show Community
00:04:00 – Picking An Operating System
00:07:00 – Technical Difficulties
00:11:00 – Have You Tried Clementine 1.1 Media Player?
00:15:00 – Are All Intel Core i Series Processors Quad Core?
00:16:00 – Who Designed The PCM Tech Help Show Website?
00:19:45 – Will There Be A Windows 9 This Year?
00:21:45 – What Is Your Favorite Browser?
00:25:00 – Should Google, Microsoft and Apple Force People To Use Their Features?
00:30:00 – Is It Difficult To Learn To Program Games?
00:34:45 – Spotify vs RDIO vs Pandora Internet Radio
00:37:15 – Can A 64-Bit OS Run 32-Bit Applications On Mac?
00:40:30 – Why Is Dell’s Business Model Failing? Will Going Private Help?
00:46:00 – Have You Heard Of The Pale Moon Web Browser?
00:47:30 – Are Alienware Gaming PCs Worth The Money?
00:47:30 – How To Research Buying A Gaming PC or Laptop
00:52:30 – Why Aren’t You Advertising On Your Google+ Live Stream?
00:54:45 – What Is WinRAR?
00:56:30 – Can You Combine Three Separate DSL Lines Into One?
00:58:00 – What’s The Difference Between Windows 8 and Windows 8 Professional?
01:00:30 – Question Roundup: Wrapping Up All Other Questions

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Craig Chamberlin

Applications Engineer at Precision Electric, Inc.
Craig received his degree in Informatics with a cognate in Business from Indiana University: South Bend in 2008. Craig lives with his wife and daughter in South Bend, Indiana near Notre Dame. Craig is currently employed by Precision Electric, Inc. and acts as the chief Information Technology Manager. With a passion for teaching and technology, he founded The PCMichiana Tech Help Show in Fall 2009. His focus is teaching users of all backgrounds how to learn technology while having fun.
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